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Residency Programme

Residencies 2017

This year, we have received 86 applications from all over the world. The project Prague – City of Literature offers six residencies for the year 2017, which means that each resident stays and creates in Prague for two months.

The committee had a really difficult task to choose only six names from many really good applicants. The final decision is following: James Hopkin from Manchester will stay in Prague in January and February; Nives Vidrih, translator from Ljubljana (also from the UNESCO network of creative cities) will be in Prague in March and April; Portuguese writer José Luís Peixoto will stay in Prague in May and June; poet Juan Pablo Bertazza will come from Buenos Aires to Prague for July and August. In September and October, Prague – City of Literature will be hosting an Irish writer Michael O'Loughlin from Dublin, another UNESCO literary city, and the last resident of the year 2017 will be a Ukrainian Oleh Kocarev.

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