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Prague Writer's Festival 3–8 October

This year's theme is


The future came and went.

But we failed to see it.

The evil eye returned.

We planted more walls.

Failing to answer distress.

Falling for cheap sweets.

We cheated ourselves.

Drew ourselves in.

The evil eye returned.

Listening to


Michael March, president PWF

To know more, visit…iky/pwf-2018, or search on facebook under Prague Writers' Festival Praha


What is Alchemy?

Alchemy is the pseudo-science (although some would argue there is nothing pseudo about it at all) whose practitioners attempted two seemingly impossible tasks: to transform base metals into gold; and to develop the elixir of life, which would bring youth and longevity to those who imbibed it. It is also the name of Prague's premier reading and performance series.

Laura Conway was the first host of the readings, in 2002. Since then, the role has been filled by other willing volunteers: Patrick Seguin, Kirsten Weights, Jim Freeman, Chris Crawford, Bonita Rhoads, Scott Nixon and others. In spring 2003 Ken Nash 'stepped out of anonymity' and picked up the role of Alchemy's first full-time host. Ken is the author of Alchemy's name, logo and much of Alchemy's concept. He also regularly participates in the open mic as a writer of songs and short stories. Alchemy is currently hosted by writers Alex Went and Petra Antevasin.

But the real guiding spirits of Alchemy are its many international fans and guest performers, who for more than ten years have helped to deliver moments of artistic pure gold and spiritual rejuvenation to audiences from all over the world…

To know more, visit:, or search on facebook under Alchemy Reading and Performance Series

Prague Microfestival

Prague Microfestival (PMF) is an annual festival of the arts, combining contemporary writing with art, film, and performance. PMF is fully bilingual (CZ and EN), and presents readings by the best authors of contemporary poetry and fiction. Every year, PMF welcomes renowned and underground authors from across the world, staging them alongside film projections, music, performance and visual art, in a rich polylogue of artforms. PMF is also cultural innovator in itself, presenting MICROLAB, an experimental conference, for the first time this year. PMF will also host MICROSHOW, a pop-up gallery of visual artwork by invited artists. PMF is not only an arts space; it is a place for people to meet…

To learn more, visit, or search on facebook under Prague Microfestival

Globe Bookstore and Café

Founded in 1993, the Globe Bookstore and Café is Prague’s first and best English language bookstore with a lively and trendy café that offers delicious coffee, cocktails and some of Prague’s best home cooking with great burgers, salads, pastas and other favorites and a full American brunch menu on the weekends. The Globe Bookstore is expat Prague’s literary epicenter that provides a unique meeting place for artists, writers, students and travelers. The café also regularly hosts literary readings, movies, live music and other special and top sporting events; while the bookstore offers a wide selection of approximately 10,000 hand-picked quality titles that will impress even the most learned reader.

To learn more, visit:, and switch to English in the upper right corner of the page.

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