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Riegrovy sady in Vinohrady

  • Title: Love lettres between František Ladislav Rieger and Marie Palacká (In original version Milostné dopisy Františka Ladislava Riegra a Marie Palacké)
  • Authors: F. L. Rieger, M. Palacká
  • Edition: V Praze : nakladatel F. Topič, 1932
  • I want to borrow this book (Czech only)

František Ladislav Rieger (1818–1903) was a Czech patriot, politician and publicist, who pushed for Czech statehood in the 19th century. Love letters of F. L. Rieger and M. Palacká were written prior to their entry into matrimony. The literary trail is located in the upper part of the park, which was created in 1904 by combining several surrounding gardens. The park features a monument of F. L. Rieger, café with a view of Prague Castle and the Lesser Town.

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