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Residency Programme

General conditions

General conditions for residency programme for foreign writers and translators


The announcement of call for applications occurs once a year, with the anticipation of at least one month before the application deadline.

The call for residencies in 2020 is closed.

The Announcement of the 2020 Residency Programme Results:

Required documents (summarized in an online application form):

  • completed application form
  • optional: Extract from a published text (in Czech or in English) or sample of a translated text into Czech; max 2 pages

Selection criteria:

  • Cultural interest for the location
  • Basic knowledge of English language
  • At least one published literary work (not a private edition) or two broadcast or published radio dramas or one carried out or published theatre play or at least one translated work of a Czech author
  • Willingness to participate on the local literary life (author readings, meeting students, talks, activities arranged by the receiving institution or connected to the cultural events of the city)
  • Working on the writings during the stay
  • The author who has already once received the scholarship can’t apply again
  • The Resident undertakes that in the course of the residential stay or no later than within 2 months from its termination, he/she will provide the Municipal Library in Prague with the text inspired by the stay that the Municipal Library in Prague, through the project „Prague City of Literature“, will be authorized to use to promote the Prague's residential stays. The Municipal Library in Prague will enter into a licence agreement with the Resident for the purpose of using the text in electronic as well as printed version.

Provided service:

The accommodation and travel expenses are covered by the receiving organization; the residents will also receive a scholarship of €600 per month.

If you have any questions, please contact us on

Commonly asked questions:

Do I have to write in English or Czech only?

-English or Czech is importent for communication. Your application form has to be filled in English or Czech. But the project itself, you can write in your preferred language.

Can I take my dog or any other pet?

-Unfortunately, it is not possible to take any animals in the apartment because we need to keep the apartment clean and free of all allergens.

Can also the family members stay wtih me during the residency?

-The residency is meant as a creative stay for one person.

Will the residency cover the costs of my travels outside of Prague or any other expenses?

-The stipend the resident receives should cover all the necessary expenses. In some cases the resident might be paid for some costs when taking part on a reading with one of our partners, be it in Prague or any other city in Czech republic, but it is not guaranteed.

Am I eligible to apply?

-Yes, if you fulfil our application criteria above.

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