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Residency Programme

The project Prague – City of Literature offers since October 2015 residency stays for foreign writers and translators. There are six residencies available every year, each lasts two months; the selection process happens during August and September. Prague – City of Literature reimburses the resident for a return ticket, provides accommodation for free and a stipend of 600 euro per month.

The first resident was essayist and journalist Liam Pieper. In January and February, Sarah Perry from Norwich was working on her third novel here. In March and April, David Howard, the poet from New Zealand, was staying here. Tetiana Okopna, translator from Kiev, was working in Prague in May and June. Spanish author from Granada, Alejandro Pedregosa, worked here on his new novel in July and August, and Polish writer Dominika Słowik from Krakow stayed here the two following months. At the end of the year of 2016, it was Bergrún Íris Sævarsdóttir, the author and illustrator from Reykjavík. In 2017, we've hosted James Hopkin, Nives Vidrih, José Luís Peixoto, Juan Pablo Bertazza, Michael O'Loughlin and Oleh Kotsarev. In 2018, we've hosted David Whiteman, Encarna Castillo, Jaroslav Kalfař, Iryna Zabiiaka, Amir Or and Doris Mitterbacher. Currently in 2019, it's been Richard Fidler, Caya Makhélé and Joanna Lech.

You can listen to the interview with the first resident Liam Pieper on Radio Prague by David Vaughan here:…es-of-prague. José Luís Peixoto also said he would write some lyrics for Camões House Band, so we recommend checking them out and waiting for their new songs:…-house-band/.

To know more about the Announcement of the 2020 Residency Programme Results, visit:

Our new resident is Justin MacGregor!

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