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Nives Vidrih

Nives Vidrih (1958) translates from Czech and Slovak and has translated more than fourty books, some thirty radio plays and approximately two hundred films, several TV series, and a series of cartoons for RTV Slovenija, as well as five theatre plays. She also prepares literary broadcasts about Czech authors for Radio Slovenija, publishes translations in magazines, and writes articles about Czech literature as well as book reviews. Since 1995, she has been working as an independent translator. Her bibliography includes the translated works of Hrabal, Škvorecký, Klíma, Topol, Werich, Kratochvil, Brabcová, Hůlová, Viewegh, Sova, Březina, Nezval, Holan, or Havel. In 2009, she received the main Slovenian translation award, Sovretova nagrada.

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