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Encarna Castillo

Encarna Castillo is a writer, editor and cultural manager, born in Barcelona where she also lives. She has always written poetry and fiction, but her first published books were as the author of architecture and interior design. At the same time, she wrote reviews of art exhibitions in guides of art in Barcelona, and was taking part in literary performances in different places of the city, and for instance wrote reviews of comics on the specialized web and cultural reviews in several online magazines.

In 2013, she published her first novel, Cold Turkey set in Barcelona and New York. Jazz is very important in the story.

In 2016, she published Venta del Rayo, which is a work of historical memory and the first title of her Trilogy of My Crises. This novel is, on the one hand, a research and reconstruction of the first six months of the Spanish civil war in Loja, Granada (Spain) and on the other, the life of a laborer without lands during the above mentioned events.

She is currently writing the second title for this trilogy about the political changes experienced by Spain during the 20th century, but from the perspective of the ordinary citizen.

During her stay in Prague she investigated the connections between Radio Praha and the Spanish exulants during the Franco dictatorship, especially the Catalan female author Teresa Pàmies. Teresa Pàmies wrote Testament a Praga (Testament in Prague) and won the Premi Josep Pla in 1970, an important prize in Catalonia. Teresa Pàmies lived in Prague for 10 years (1948–1958), and she worked for Radio Praha as an editor for the radio broadcasts in Spanish and Catalan.

Encarna Castillo says about Teresa Pàmies: “I would like to investigate her life and work in Prague and the archives in Spanish and Catalan broadcasts in this period in Radio Praha in order to include this information in my next book, which will be published by Carpe Noctem in autumn of 2018.”

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