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Project partners and cooperating organizations

Project partners

Albatros Media a.s. represents Albatros Publishing House, which publishes works under various names since 1949. During its existence they published more than 10 000 titles with 350 million copies.

BookFan is a new social network for fans of the books. It connects Czech and Slovak readers of books and e-books into modern social network and brings them book recommendations based on personal preferences and monitors literary events both at home and abroad.

Czech centres promote Czech culture scene in the international area and strengthen good name of the Czech Republic in the world. They are state-funded institution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs established for promotion of the Czech Republic abroad.

CzechTourism was set up to carry out the tasks in the field of tourism, whose central government authority is the Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic. Within its mission coordinates national tourism promotion with activities carried out by the business and regional bodies and develops current and medium-term strategy for tourism marketing in the domestic and foreign markets.

Prague Writers' Festival is one of the most important literary and cultural events held in early June in Prague. The main aim of the festival is to promote world literature, introduce to Czech audience known as well as lesser-known men of letters, poets and writers from abroad (including Nobel Prize winners). Discussion forums are a place to confront global issues with Czech thought. The festival has long-term support of capital city of Prague.

The Arts Institute was established as a separate department of the Theatre Institute in 2005 with the aim to contribute the development and improvement of social prestige of art. AI supports exchange of informations and experiences between artistic disciplines, provides information and consulting services, dedicates to educational activities, presents and promotes Czech art abroad.

The Czech Literature Portal is intended mainly for the promotion of Czech literature abroad. The aim of the Portal is to provide information on contemporary Czech authors and their works (novelists, poets, playwrights, essayists including authors of literature for children). The Czech Literature Portal is managed by the Arts Institute.

Prague Writers' Club is a voluntary professional organization of writers, literary scholars, critics, translators and directly related professions, which operates in the capital city of Prague.

Josef Škvorecký Literary Academy is a private university that provides education in two undergraduate (Creative writing and journalism – can be studied in a combined form, Communications in the media) and two master's courses (Creative Writing – with specialization in Creative Writing, Non-fiction, Editorial work, and Communication in the media). In view of the fact that profile of branches of study is artistic, the graduates at the end of study get a BcA. and MgA titles.

Literární noviny is Czech cultural-political weekly newspaper. Its first issue was published in 1927. Although the name points to the literary magazine, the essence of tradition lies more in the participation of writers and intellectuals to the social debate and the concept of literature as a living social organism, which is closely related to other arts, sciences and politics.

Prague City Hall is de facto local and regional authority of Prague. Its scope is defined by the Law on the City of Prague and the city's regulation on the Statute of the capital city of Prague. Activities and organizational structure of the city hall is regulated by rules, issued by the Council Resolution of Prague. City hall fulfils the tasks imposed by the city board or the city council and practises delegated state powers of the capital city.

Municipal Library in Prague is the biggest public library in the Czech Republic. You can find 42 branches throughout Prague, and two mobile libraries visit areas without bricks-and-mortar branches. You can choose from more than 2 million books, CDs, DVDs and other media.

Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic is the central state administration in the field of culture for the librarianship, museum management, arts, cultural and educational activities, cultural monuments, churches, press, radio and television broadcasting, copyright law, production and trade in culture. Head of the Ministry is situated in Nostic Palace in the Lesser Town.

National Library of the Czech Republic is state-funded institution of the Ministry of Culture. Ensures equal access to all public library and information services and other services that it provides. National Library is the center of the library system, provides coordination, technical, information, educational, analytical, research, standardization, methodological and advisory activities.

Magnesia Litera is a Czech literary award, granted by the Litera Association. Several categories are crowned by the Grand Prize Book of the Year, which is awarded as a cash prize. Handing over of awards is broadcasted by Czech Television.

Czech Literary Translators' Guild brings together translators of fiction and theorists, critics and historians dealing with the translation. Its mission is to defend the rights, promote the professional interests of members and to ensure the quality and prestige of Czech literature in translation. Member of Guild can become every single citizen of the Czech Republic, which published two translations or systematically publishes titles in the theory, history and criticism of translation and foreign citizen who translates from Czech or to Czech. Currently the Guild has 340 members.

The Museum of Czech Literature (PNP) was established to carry out scientific research in their field of activity, acquire, collect, permanently conserve, professionally process and make available to the public museum collections, namely collection of papers on the development of literature and literary culture in the Bohemia, including documents connected to the life, work and legacy of important personalities of Czech literature and literary culture from 18th century to the present, and a collection of art works of fine art.

PEN in the Czech Republic (founded by Karel Čapek in 1925) currently has about 188 members and presidium, made up of twelve members in the lead with George Dědeček, works in committees. Most significant is the Writers in Prison Committee, directed by PEN vice-chairwomen Markéta Hejkalová. It publish cases of verbal creators repression and asks their governments for an liberation.

ProCulture aims to increase the capacity and professionalism of Czech cultural organizations by providing relevant information and services in order to create conditions for their sustainability.

Prague Literary House is here for all who are not indifferent to literature: students, professors, interested persons from abroad, Germanists, lovers of literature. For all those involved in this issue personally: for those who are looking for their roots, the German-language Prague residents, artists, translators, publishers, professionals. For all those who care about the cultural heritage of our society: corporate and individual donors, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, representatives of political parties, embassies and media.

The Franz Kafka Society is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1990. Its main goal is to contribute to the revival of traditions, from which emerged a unique phenomenon of the so-called Prague German literature, and renew public awareness of the importance of Central Europe cultural pluralism, where the Czechs, Germans and Jews have lived for centuries. Franz Kafka's name is a symbol of these traditions, pays constant attention to his work and strives to become a natural part of the Czech cultural context. Franz Kafka Society now has about 1000 members from a total of 23 countries around the world.

The Poetry Society was founded to coordinate the annual festival Poetry Day. We also want to encourage all to which the poem speaks. Also this year, we would like to invite you to take part in the birthday celebrations of Karel Hynek Mácha of 16 November – about the complicity largest poetry festival in the country – Poetry Day.

Association of Czech Booksellers and Publishers (SČKN) was founded in 1879 on the initiative of such famous Czech publishers as J. R. Vilímek, J. Otto and F. Topič to spread Czech books and adherence to professional ethics. In 1949 the association was liquidated and all his property was confiscated. In 1990 its activities were renewed, historic link to the association consciously followed and set a goal to defend common professional interests of publishers, distributors and booksellers in market conditions.

Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic is a voluntary, special and professional organization of librarians and information professionals which has a character of a civic association. The mission of SKIP is an effort to constantly improve the standards of library and information services and in that manner to increase the professional prestige. It also works toward the goal of better conditions for the development and activities of libraries and information centres.

Book World, Ltd. was founded in 1997 by the Association of Czech Booksellers and Publishers (SČKN). Its principal activities are focused on the promotional support of Czech book market and the creation of commercial space for Czech and foreign entities and companies of boundary fields.

Institute of Czech Literature of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic is a research institute specializing in the history of Czech literature and Czech literary thought from its beginnings to the present day. The focus for this activity consists in large-scale lexicographical, literary-historical and theoretical research projects. An essential element in the activities of the Institute is also its function as a national and international information centre for the field. The Institute provides bibliographical and library services to researchers and students of Czech literature and other associated disciplines, and it is meant to be a centre of information and inspiration for foreign bohemicists.

Havran publishing house started to operate on the field of Czech book culture in 2001. His intention was and still is present to readers mostly books with non-commercial character, but that kind of titles which comply with all the demands for quality book production.

Triton publishing house operates on the Czech book market since 1991 and with the number of published titles annually ranks among the ten Czech largest publishers. Book production covers a wide range of areas – Triton is thematically specialized in professional medical publications, medicine, psychology, philosophy, history, pedagogy, social sciences, cultural and social anthropology, but also publishes fiction, sci-fi, non-fiction, fairy tales and publications dealing with alternative healing methods, eastern philosophies, esoteric, spiritual growth, spirituality, health food, exercise and lifestyle.

Meander publishing house offers an unmistakable art books for children, children’s books for adults and comics books for all, by Czech and non-Czech authors, some just starting out, some legends like Václav Havel, Ivan Martin „Magor“ Jirous, Vráťa Brabenec and Ivan Wernisch to Petr Nikl or Radek Malý.

Prague City Tourism is Prague's official marketing organization that promotes the city as a tourist destination to both domestic and international audiences. PCT provides current and future visitors with the latest information on Prague's attractions, experiences and services through its web site and visitor centres. We also book tickets, guides, tours, and other experiences. PCT actively promotes congress tourism and collaborate with the film industry in making Prague a location of choice for international productions. Prague City Tourism works with the media and travel trade partners both in the Czech Republic and abroad in organizing educational trips, workshops, and presentations, attends important tourism-related events.Tradition of the organization goes back to the year 1958 with its original name Prague Information Service (PIS). Nowadays Prague City Tourism is a member of several national and international organizations to spread the reputation of Prague as a world-class destination.

The municipal district Prague 6 has involved in the unique street library project, which started on Tuesday 23 of October 2012 at 14:30 in Freedom Square, where was placed the first street library in Prague and all over the Czech Republic. Street library concept lies in the fact that everyone can here borrow a book, take it home, and after reading put it back again. Free, no charges, no waiting! Readers can put into circulation some of their own books, the more books means the better service for readers. Through this library will literature find its way even to people who don't buy books, or don't have time to spend in libraries.

Cooperating organizations

Psychiatric Hospital Bohnice is nowadays the largest psychiatric facility in the Czech Republic. Its history dates back more than a century ago, when on a hill beyond the northern edge of Prague began to build the Royal Provincial Institute for the Mentally ill.

Psychiatric Hospital Bohnice strives to de-stigmatization of mental illness and tries to combine the life „behind the fence“ to life „outside“ – to integrate mentally ill patients to normal life.

In cooperation with the project Prague City of Literature the hospital has established in its campus, where the public has free access, a literary trail. Trail's text is based on book Corvinus or the Book of Ravens by Petr Rákos, the former consultant of the Psychiatric Hospital Bohnice in Prague, founder and head physician of the Bohnice Crisis Centre and also a keen writer. He wrote and translated professional and popular science articles in magazines and newspapers as well as cooperating in TV and radio. His most famous book is mentioned Corvinus or the Book of Ravens, thrilling, charming, playful, surprising, enlightening and original prose.

In Prague Botanic Garden can visitors since 1969 learn about plants from different parts of the world. Adornment of the garden is especially large tropical greenhouse Fata Morgana and also St. Clara vineyards with ancient vinery house.

Following the road to Fata Morgana you can become absorbed in reading The Gardener’s Year by Karel Čapek. That’s the way how Botanic garden participated in the event Literary trails. Several extracts from chosen works of Czech writers, each in the length of about 100 meters, have appeared in various well-known locations in Prague.

Charles University Botanical Garden was founded as a university garden in 1775 in Smíchov. For frequent flooding it later moved to the land on the other side of the river, bought up from the “Society for the cultivation of gardens”, supported among others by Prince Rohan. The garden on present location was opened in 1898. In greenhouses visitors expected permanent exhibition of the tropics and subtropics. Age of some palms, cycases and other plants is estimated to be more than 130 years.

Garden supported project Prague City of Literature and gave their outdoor exposure available to build a literary trail. It is a freely accessible place on the main road to the entrance to the Botanical Garden. Story Stolen cactus, which is the subject of trail, is one of the short stories contained in Stories from Two Pockets, which Čapek wrote in 1929.

Faculty Hospital Bulovka is one of largest hospitals in Prague, which exists on present location since 1915. Its name refers to cooperation with Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in Prague. The hospital considerably grown up in the First Czechoslovak Republic period and nowadays represents extensive hospital complex.

The hospital supported project Prague City of Literature by exhibition Poetry heals, which was created under the motto: “Poetic relaxation or Poetry heals”. It is external exposure of poems printed on the benches in the hospital premises. The poems come from the book NaHlavu by Martin Šalek. The entire event lasted until October 2012. Visual accompaniment of poems is constitutes photographic work of Sára Saudková. The project is due to be seen as a photographic exhibition under the open sky.

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