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Natalia Shcherba

Natalia Shcherba is a modern writer, mainly working in the genres of science fiction and teen-fantasy. Her books have received many literary awards and have been translated into Ukrainian, Polish, Czech and Slovak language.

Natalia Shcherba was born in Belarus, in the city of Molodechno. In her childhood, she drew a lot, dreamed of becoming a cartoonist. Sometimes, she composed short adventure stories for her classmates. After finishing highschool, she received a higher technical education at the Kiev Academy of Design and obtained a degree in design engineering. She has been engaged in martial arts wushu for more than 14 years.

Natalia has always been fond of science fiction, especially of the themes of time, energy and matter. At some point, she decided to write a big fairytale story about Time, where the Time does not appear as a blind, destructive force, but as a magical and creative one – the Time is magic.

Books by Natalia Shcherba have gained great popularity among children and teenagers. In Russia alone, over 2 million copies have been sold.

In 2010, her book „Time Key for Vasilisa“ won the Grand Prix of the contest „New Children's Book“, in the category “Adventures and Fantasy”, held by the publishing house „Rosman“ Over 3,000 manuscripts were submitted to the competition. In 2017, her book „Watchmen“ received the EuroCon Award (ESFS Awards), // Encouragement Awards / Best Work for Children / – presented in Dortmund, Germany.

From 2014 to 2016, the Charodol trilogy was released – a big story about the Carpathian magic, unusual life in the mountains, love and adventure. From 2016 to2019, the series of Lunasters was published – a fantasy space story about the moon and the stars, and their confrontation.

In the world of Timewizards (Chasodei), the Time is presented as a new magical universe. This multidimensional world experiencing a conflict among its three kinds of inhabitants – Timewizards, Timefairies and Spirits – is full of Time magic; there are original artifacts, castles, unique laws, as well as the concept of Time as magic, where a new understanding of the nature of Time and magic, based on a clock mechanisms, gets intertwined.

Another side of the Timewizards, which helps hundreds of thousands of teenagers to believe in this world, is their bright, alive, versatile characters. Friendship, trust, the choice between easy and right, complex life tasks, training of one’s will, first love – these are the essential issues of Timewizards’ characters, making them relatable to the kids from various countries.

Natalia Shcherba is married, she has a daughter and a cat. She travels a lot and likes to collect drawings from her readers.

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