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Archive of our events

Poetry Expedition

The Poetry Expedition was the title of a translation workshop of two cities located in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network of Literature. It is the first major inter-city cooperation between the Creative Cities of Literature of Heidelberg and Prague.

In the framework of the Czech–German Declaration on the Mutual Relations and Future Development, a four-day translation workshop, held at the Goethe Institute in Prague from 8 to 11 November, has brought six poets – Anne Richter, Frank Barsch and Hans Thill from Heidelberg; Radek Malý, Václava Vartová and Wanda Heinrichová from Prague – to work together towards exchanging knowledge and deepening mutual understanding through the translation of their respective literary artworks in German and Czech. Introductory part of the project Expedition of Poetry introduced three Czech and German poets who translated each other excerpts from their work. The entire Poetry Expedition is now available as an e-book including original poems and translations:…zie/4456513/.

Prague in 100 words

Prague in 100 words was a project that took place in Prague for the first time in 2016. It was a contest for all who love their city so much that they want to write about it, but not more than 100 words. There were only two rules: the story has to be connected somehow to the city and it can be maximum 100 words.

We received 407 texts. The jury had the difficult task of selecting the best 100, the best 12 and the best 3 works from the submissions. The best 100 stories were published as a book. The best 12 pieces were illustrated by leading Czech illustrators and were exhibited at the public gallery event at the Czech Center. The first three places were announced and rewarded at the exhibition opening. You can see the winning texts with illustrations on our website.

Literary walks

Literary walks were a long-term cycle of the Prague City of Literature project, which took place in 2015 and continued the elaborated and still supplemented historical and contemporary map of Prague.

During the literary walks you could discover places and remarkable connections from the life and work of Franz Kafka, Egon Bondy, Jakub Arbes, Vladimír Holan, Albert Camus and Jan Neruda. All planned literary walks have already taken place, new routes, topics and personalities are not planned yet.

Literature in the streets of Prague

Since 2009 we have sought to be admitted to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network of Literature. In March 2014 we submitted a complicated application, which included information on temporary events from different parts of Prague, which took place from summer to winter 2011. In archive of our events you can see how we succeeded in promoting literature on the streets.

At present, although you do not encounter reading statues or birdhouses, literary trails in the Prague Botanic Garden, Charles University Botanical Garden and in the Psychiatric Hospital Bohnice are still legible!

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